About WLMH

About WLMH

WLMH aims at influencing policy change in the space of mental health, globally. The support of world leaders, civil society activists, policy experts and professionals in the field of mental health will allow WLMH to transform perceptions of mental health globally. Additionally, maintaining close contact with local populations, we look to engage with civil society through on-ground mental health awareness initiatives and campaigns.

Mission & Vision

Create a platform for world leaders to collectivize and present coherent arguments in favour of mental health reforms.

Maintain a registry of world leaders with their signature which can be accessed by individuals across the world.

Conduct events & awareness campaigns along with the assistance of offices of leaders globally.

Partner with other global organizations with similar objectives. (e.g. Global Council for Mental Health [WHO])

Facilitate conversations of world leaders with renowned mental health experts and/or practitioners, to assist in developing recommendations for mental health policy.

Drive policy change in the space of mental health, worldwide.